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Your questions

About us

About us
Fourrage Doulière  is based in the south of France between the Alpilles and the Camargue, in the town of Saint-Martin-de-Crau.Specialized in forage sales (meadow hay, alfalfa, Crau hay, straw…), we supply stud farms, horse farms, and training centers, as well as cattle, goat, and sheep farms, both nationally and internationally.
With over 25 years of hands-on experience, we are confident in our ability to give you advice and offer you quality feed at the best prices.
Feel free to take a look at our news; we have a wide range of feed lots (sainfoin, 2nd and 3rd cut meadow hay, straw, silage wrapping…). We recommend reserving your lots ahead of time.
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Our history

Fourrage Doulière was founded in 1988, born of a desire to use the marketing of hay to share and pass down the values of farmers of the time: a job well done, a passion for the land, for its roots…
Over many regions, and throughout the seasons, David Doulière has been defending the uniqueness of our country’s forages ever since.
David was born in the French Haute Loire to a family of Belgian industrial machine designers and French livestock dealers.
From the age of 16, he took care of horses on various farms.
In 1980 he went to the Agricultural College in Yssingeaux to study agronomy.
Self-taught by nature, he began working as a dairy farmer in 1982.
Passionate about genetics and animal nutrition, he moved to Quebec and then Ontario, Canada for training.
In 1988, he sold his herd, left his hometown and moved to Provence to start a business for harvesting and selling feed.
He established his headquarters in 1995 at the heart of the Crau Hay region in Bouches du Rhône, in Saint-Martin-de-Crau, in order to develop the business.
He made a name for himself with some of the most well-known horse training centers:M.A. de Royer Dupré stables, Christiane Head stables, Nicolas Clément stables in Chantilly, Jean-Claude Rouget stables in Pau, Etienne Leenders stables in Jarzé, and Etablissements Dutertre in Ampoigné all opened their doors to him.Inventory management and personalized service turned them into loyal customers.
Given the business’s success, Fourrage Doulière expanded the sales of its high-quality hay to a variety of farms with the goal of offering them the same benefits as its other racehorse customers.
The company developed a reputation through its selections of French hay, including AOP Crau Hay.David Doulière is one of the first wholesalers to promote it in the UAE.Today, he has developed a supply network of 40 Crau Hay producers to supply French and international markets.He alone sells over 10% of the local production.No less than 300 national and international producers supply the other forage products, ensuring him the best of their crops.
In 2003, to keep pace with its steady grown, Fourrage Doulière founded its warehouses near Chantilly.
Today, the hays it markets are present throughout France, Europe, and abroad.
The company headquarters, still family-run, are in Saint-Martin-de-Crau, with a third site in Mayenne.
Through his professional and business dynamic, David Doulière sells 25,000 tons of feed per year and is one of the biggest feed wholesalers on the French market.
Beginning in 2011, still passionate about forage crops, he continues to develop his business through the cultivation of a high-quality hay, “Foin de Longchamp® .”
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Our suppliers

Fourrages Doulière prides itself in a process of continuous improvement based on regular monitoring of all of its suppliers and their performance in terms of quality, safety, and expertise, See Wholesaler Expertise and not uniquely influenced by market forces.
We give preference to domestic suppliers for nearly 90% of our products.Our selection of traditional forage plants come from growers and crops that respect sustainable development practices.
“We look for growers that think along the same lines as we do, because hay is not just a commodity; it embodies all the values we share with the people who make it:a job well done, daily work, a passion for the land... Our business of promoting forage is done with a great respect for those who grow and harvest the crop, and also for those who will enjoy it...”
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Arranging transport and logistics


The geographical location of the company in Saint-Martin-de-Crau and Ampoigné, and its warehouses in Île de France, allows for better logistics in close proximity to areas of production, sales, and trade.
Flexible and rational methods: management and optimization of the quality and safety of the physical flow of goods and their corresponding information flows, in close collaboration with different partners (suppliers, customers, carriers, distributors).Ability to supply customers with feed on a weekly or monthly basis, dispatching up to 40 trucks per week.The company manages delivery logistics for 12,000 to 25,000 metric tons of feed per year.
Market adaptations
Because fuel costs are constantly increasing, we have encouraged growers to increase bale densities in order to reduce their size, optimize transport, and reduce CO2 emissions.On a national level, a partnership has been established with carriers interested in streamlining their vehicle flows.They have invested in loading equipment that respects our delivery conditions for preserving the goods (tarps, curtainsider).
Strategy and logistics system:
- Integration of supply, production, and distribution flows in a comprehensive, coherent, and cost-effective system
- System control, fast and flexible adaptation to market changes
- Respond to a two-fold need for organization/efficiency and management/communication through a wide range of techniques associated with supply chain operation (purchasing, storage, handling, workflow management, transport…).
Management of export-import operations in connection with transport auxiliaries and organizers: incoterms and liner terms, customs regulations, customs documentation, risk management and insurance, international logistics strategy.
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Our services

To meet your specific needs, Fourrage Doulière offers a wide range of exclusive services.
With Fourrage Doulière, managing your supply has never been easier.
A feed specialist at your disposal to offer you personalized advice on animal nutrition, types of hay, as well as harvesting equipment and techniques.
Order your feed by telephone or email. You will receive your order promptly or according to a schedule defined with us based on your needs.
A specialist is at your disposal to guide you in food distribution and conduct a telephone diagnosis if necessary.
As specialists in high-quality hay harvesting techniques and agricultural equipment handling, we offer advice on the use of your own production equipment.We can provide you with recommendations and assistance in finding used equipment at the best price. See News
Delivered goods come with liability insurance and buyback in case of dissatisfaction.
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